Is my 40s life really hopeless, or is it just hard for me?

Living in your 40s can be daunting. You are looking at others more successful than you and feeling lonely and unhappy with your life. There is no way out!

Dear friend! I know it feels hard and hopeless. But there is a way out. And it starts with your mindset and healthy habits.

Start with a simple movement, notice your breath and the way you move. And that’s your first thing to care for yourself, and your body.

And I invite you to slow down. Feel your body, because when you start to notice your body and breathe. Your awareness rises.

There is no fast-paced work, but a willingness to work on the change.

Do you want to slow down with me?

Experience the sensation of your surroundings while understanding what you need the most.

This mini course contains five guided meditative movements. You have the freedom to move your body. Embody what you feel inside of you.